The Power of Narrow and Deep

In an age where distractions are more plentiful than ever, many of us end up spreading ourselves wide but rarely to any degree of depth.


In his book, Deep Work, Cal Newport reflects on this modern habit.  He contends that, in a world of distracted, applying the ability to focus deeply becomes rarer but also evermore relevant and required.


The Skill and Habit of Focusing

Reconnecting with our ability to narrow our aim and dig deep is a skill we can all cultivate.  Like any skill, we need to practice it.  The more we practice, the more we stand a chance of ingraining it as a new habit that supports a more permanent change in approach.


The truth is, we can choose to live with focus.  Yes, digging deep can be tough and is fraught with every day challenges, but it also brings its own rewards.  These moments of deep focus can often support our biggest successes, breakthroughs and achievements in life.


We can choose to differentiate ourselves as people of focus in a world of distracted.


We can be the person that gets things done, and hits deadlines, while others struggle to get to complete.


We can focus on one task at a time while others dilute their efforts with multi-tasking.


We can dig deep where others spread themselves wide and thin.  We can be the person that has total clarity of purpose.


We can choose to focus on the signal amongst the noise.


Reconnect with the ability to dig deep.  Embrace the chance to focus purely and simply on one thing at a time.  Revel in the opportunity of getting beyond surface level on areas of interest.  Rediscover the power of narrow and deep.



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