Simple Routes to Happiness


“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
Abraham Lincoln



There are many ways to happiness.  Some of these have the potential to last, some are more fleeting.  Below is a short list of simple, but powerful, routes to happy.


Stop Comparing

Set your own benchmarks for success and what living well looks like for you.  Focus on your own progress without getting caught up in what others are doing.


Need Less

Despite what the ad-men say, chasing more isn’t always the answer. Rather than chasing more and more, identify and focus on the right sort of enough instead.


Get Unbusy

Busyness is a modern day curse most of us suffer from.  However, we can step away from busy and live at a pace that suits us instead.  We can embrace the power of saying no and commit to ensuring there is enough white space in our days.


Set Fewer but More Meaningful Goals

Setting too many goals and trying to be all things at once is a slippery slope to frustration.  Better to set ourselves up for success and happiness with a few carefully chosen and meaningful goals instead.  Dig deep on these, achieve them and then move onto something else rather than trying to do it all at once.


Appreciate the Small Moments

There are moments of magic that can slip us by on a daily basis if we don’t pause to notice them.  A goal achieved, a walk as the sun breaks, the first cup of coffee of the day, being close to nature, an act of kindness.


The things we so often take for granted are where the gold is mined.  These small, daily moments offer their own wonder.


Practice Gratitude

Making time for gratitude in our lives can really support our feelings of happiness and wellbeing.  This doesn’t have to be complicated.  It could be as simple as setting aside 5-10 minutes at the start, or finish, of each day and just thinking about 1 to 3 things we are grateful for (large or small).



Happiness can often remain within reach when we stop complicating life.



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