Letting Distractions Go


Distractions are all around us, a constant tension in our day.  Some distractions are obvious, some are subtle.  Some are new to us, others are old foes.  All are distractions nonetheless.


What I’ve found is that as we let go of distractions, we often get something else back.


I’ve found that if I let go of the distraction of keeping up with others, I can focus on what it is I truly want and what makes me happy instead.  Following my own inner compass.


I’ve learned that if I let go of the false need to have more possessions than I need, I have more freedom to travel and have adventures that would otherwise be out of reach.  ‘Experiences over stuff’ has become a mini-mantra of sorts for me as a result.


I’ve found that if I let go of the false need to add images to every piece of online writing I share, I can concentrate on the writing instead which is the part I enjoy most.  I can also share more.


I’ve found that if I let go of involving myself with gossip, I’ll focus on what I have rather than being upset by what I don’t have.  An additional bonus, I also get a lot more done.


I’ve learned that if I let go of the false hope of getting everything done at the same time through multi-tasking, I can single-task instead and achieve much better results and outputs.  My quality of life also improves.  Less stress, more focused effort.


Learn to Let Go

There is a purity in letting go of distractions.  We narrow our focus.  The noise around us has the volume turned down.  The essential presents itself, the unnecessary falls away.  We channel our effort and energy.  We have clarity of purpose.


Learn to let go of distractions and reap the rewards of a focused, good life.



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