The Seasons of Life

Falling Leaves,

Oranges and yellows,

Autumn here


Seasons are an integral part of our lives.  We have the yearly seasons themselves, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring that bring their magical transformations and impact us all, in their own special way.  We also have the seasons in our own lives.  Moments in time where we may meet and surround ourselves with new people, live in a different environment or work in a different profession.  We also have inner seasons, perhaps where we have a spiritual awakening or new way of looking at life, that are all part of our journey.


Some seasons may involve us moving at full speed ahead as we put plan to action.  Perhaps starting a new business and trying to turn a profit.  Or starting a family and moving to a new home.


Other seasons involve rest and time for reflection.  Retreating into ourselves, listening to our inner wants and needs.  Reigniting our spark and zest for life.


Understanding the seasons in our lives and our own unique rhythms helps us grow and make the most of who we are.  Understanding that making time for rest and restraint is just as important as making time for action and motion. Realising that the tough, stark seasons will soon be replaced by a lighter and warmer period.


Embrace the seasons of life.


Note: Haiku by me


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